Delgermaa, Morin Khuur

She was born in Ulaangom city of Uvs province. Her grandfather N.Namsrai was an artisan who made Ikel fiddles and her grandmother was gifted with singing and playing “Horse galloping” with ikel fiddle. Her parents Altangerel and Anchmaa have worked for the Uvs province Theatre of Musical Drama as sound and light engineers for more than 30 years.

1997-2001 Secondary School of Music and Dance Zavkhan province, instructor Kh.Azjargal
2001-2007 Bachelor of Arts, Music and Dance College in Ulaanbaatar city (Lead teacher Leading Artsist tittle recipient Ts.Amarjargal, teacher Leading Artsist tittle recipient Ch.Buyanbaatar, People’s artist Ts.Batchuluun)
2010 Culture exchange CPI program at the National Theatre in Seoul, ROK
2005 – present National Morin Khuur Ensemble
2009 Joint concert with a throat singer of National Song and Dance Academic Ensemble, sibling A.Undarmaa
2011 “Khos Uyanga” (A pair of harmony) joint performance with “Shurankhai” band singer G.Nomin-Erdene in Kyzil, Tuva, Russian Federation
2013 Join performance with a zither player Ch.Myagmarsuren in Nagaoka of Niigata province, Japan

2002 1st prize winner from the 1st Teenage folk musicians competition dedicated to S.Gonchigsumlaa
2007 9th place from the Professional Horse Head Fiddle Players Competition-2 dedicated to the State Laureate, People’s Artist G.Jamyan
2012 5th place from the National Competition of Folk Musicians-2 dedicated to L.Murdorj
2012 Recipient of a Certificate of the Ministry of Culture Sports and Tourism

She has performed with the National Morin Khuur Ensemble in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Japan, Taiwan, China, Inner Mongolia, South Korea, Buryatia.

©︎Norikatsu Aida
©︎Norikatsu Aida